July 25, 2021

Roma Ransom, Live at Stanley

Part of our Sunday Music Series, we are proud to present Roma Ransom live at Stanley, on Sunday, July 25, from 1PM to 4PM, most likely on our west patio. (Back-up location: the community area inside)

Grace Easley and Gordon Lewis have been performing together for four years but their musical resume expands far beyond that. They have spent much of their time together busking on random street corners just to pay for gas. Now they are full-time musicians living in Colorado Springs. Roma Ransom's music is influenced by music from around the world taking bits and pieces of music from other cultures and melding them into a unique sound. Roma Ransom strives to be as professional as possible without sacrificing musicality for pure business endeavors. Roma Ransom wishes to hold onto the spirit of music and the tradition of making a pure, innocent, consistent, authentic and original musical masterpiece. Roma Ransom hopes to invigorate the soul, show true musicianship and love, create something new and special all with care, precision and beauty. Roma Ransom's music is unconventional but it is new, invigorating and expressive.


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