Community Resources Related to Immigration

We love working with local nonprofits, so we've reached out to several that work on behalf of immigration and related issues as part of our outreach for Carne Y Arena, the virtual reality experience currently playing in The Hangar at Stanley. We hope you'll find these resources inspiring and helpful.

Casa de Paz

Casa de Paz reunites families separated by immigration detention, one simple act of love at a time.

Hope for the Holidays -- make a holiday card for a detained immigrant

Volunteer Opportunities with Casa de Paz

Read The House that Love Built

Watch Welcome Strangers, a timely story of loving thy neighbors

Motus Theater

Motus' mission is to create original theater to facilitate dialogue on critical issues of our time. Motus' approach to supporting a productive shift in the immigration debate has been to help undocumented immigrants tell powerful stories about their lives because the stories we share are the conduits through which citizens, who are not personally in relationship with undocumented people, come to learn the impact of aggressive immigration policies. Get engaged with Motus Theater by:

• Attending our events and amplifying our stories and productions. Find a list of our events on our website here.

• Watch and share our UndocuAmerica companion podcast series: In Motus' Shoebox Stories Podcast prominent Americans read and reflect on the stories of undocuments leaders. In the the Motus Monologues Podcast monologists tell their own stories.

• Watch and share “My Mother's Hands” - a 3 minute film honoring undocumented essential workers protecting us against COVID-19.

• Watch and share an animated excerpt of lead anchor of Latino USA Maria Hinojosa reading “Listen to Your Heart” by Tania Chairez - sharing her struggle to protect good parents, just like her own, from the attacks against the immigrant community

Village Exchange Center

Aurora’s Village Exchange Center is a hub for programs, organizations, and services that support immigrants' and refugees’ integration, engagement, and empowerment while respecting and honoring their traditions and values.

As a community center and multi-faith worship space, VEC celebrates cultural and religious diversity by creating an inclusive environment where residents from all backgrounds can practice, interact, share, and develop together. They operate a weekly food pantry, planted the Village Farms at Stanley Marketplace to promote food security, provide after-school programming for youth, and offer leadership classes for immigrant and refugee youth and adults.

Click here to support VEC’s programs and sign up to join their e-mail list:

If you wish to learn about the Village Farms at Stanley, check out this recent RMPBS piece.

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