Maria Empanada

Maria Empanada

An artisan house of handmade empanadas with a variety of flavors that rotate with the seasons. Named after the owner's mother, Maria Empanada trains their repulgueras for two months to master the unique closures, or repulgues, of each kind of empanada they offer.

When did your business first open at Stanley?

What's one of your best selling products at stanley?

In addition to our empanadas, we sell a lot of our sweets! I suggest to try the Victoria!

What song best describes your business?

“Despacito” by Luis Fonsi. Despacito means “slowly.” On the one hand, it's how we make everything, on the other hand, the song makes you dance! When people are close to Maria Empanada, and they hear our music, you can see they start dancing and it is because our music and our Buena Onda (good vibe).

What's your business's motto?

It is to have BUENA ONDA. It is how we relate to everything and everyone. We don't do anything without it.

What's something about your biz most people don't know?

Every single empanada is folded by hand and each flavor of our empanadas is represented by a different closure design called "repulgue," and this considered a culinary art form in Argentina. We train artisans for two months to get this right. The art means that some empanadas look imperfect but that is how you know they are made by artisans in small batches.

What's your favorite stanley tradition?

All of them. One of the things that Stanley brings to Central Park neighborhood is GOOD PEOPLE and the simple gathering of people to connect, shop, eat, play, laugh, and explore is a wonderful sight to see and experience.

What's one item at your biz that everyone should try?

Empanada Gallega. This is the most authentic item because we make the gallega, in the same way great-grandparents used to do it: a large family style empanadas that we cut to individual portions. We do it with the same ingredients and it is fabulous.

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